I have an enduring love for Scotland that will never fade. It is my home away from home... and was my first home away from the family home. For a country where rain dampens everything almost every day of the year... the spirit, openness and kindness of the people shine through. The sheer beauty of the highlands barely an hour out of Edinburgh never ceases to amaze me and one of my most cherished memories is of riding the top deck of the 16a bus to work, with a hilltop castle reaching above the low lying clouds. For me, my photographic journey with this country has only just begun...
Edinburgh Castle from Princess St Garden. 2006
Old Stockbridge Market Gate. Edinburgh. 2006
Loch Leven, Glencoe. The sunrise of one of the most inspiring days drive of my life.
Glencoe. 2012.
Glencoe. 2012.
Edinburgh Castle. 2012.  6 Years after my favourite 2006 shot of the castle, i returned to see if the view had changed.

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